D063-01 Propellant

This propellant has no reloading propellant equivalent. It is slightly faster in burn speed than ACCURATE 1680®. The propellant gas generation rate is appropriate for 7.62×39, as well as some straight-walled rifle cartridges, where rapid transformation from powder to gas is desired.

Every indication is that this propellant will perform well with the larger magnum pistol family. Where “1680” is a bit too slow for the .500 S&W and like cartridges, the gas generation rate of D063-01 keeps up with the needs of the expansion ratios of these large magnum pistol bores and bullet sectional densities.

It does contain a level of flash suppression, incorporated into the propellant.

The gas generation rate of this propellant also finds favor in the .300 AAC Blackout, subsonic load.

A spherical propellant, it meters through charge plates consistently and will flow well in a high-speed loader.

Technical assistance with this propellant is available upon request.

As with any propellant and load combination, a minor change to any of the components of the test load CAN result in significant shift in ballistic performance. This shift can cause unintended high pressures, and result in injury or death. Therefore, Shooters World LLC, nor the manufacturer of this propellant take no responsibility for the intentional or unintentional misuse of this product. The charge weights and results noted within are not recommended, either as a starting nor completed load. They are shown merely as an indication of potential performance in one test load, shot by CIP standards.

A warning has been issued to those that have acquired Lovex propellant not canisterized in Shooters World Powders containers. We cannot guarantee the safety, what the physical propellant is, nor can we assure that published load data will work. These propellants may have been tampered with, blended, repackaged, or exposed to high amounts of moisture and can be a hazard.
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