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Shooters World

Shooters World provides wholesale ammunition, smokeless powder, gunpowder, and other ammunition components to FFL Class 6 ammunition loaders.

Shooters World is dedicated to providing ammunition components, supportive assistance and technical support to FFL Class 6 ammunition loaders. We specialize in propellants, primers and projectiles—importing from reputable sources to keep a consistent supply of quality materials for our clients. We are members of the National Shooting Sports Foundation and the National Defense Industry Association.

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    Shooters World, LLC


    Email: [email protected]

    Email is the best way to get in touch with us so we can assist you accordingly.

    Fax: 864-663-9595


    Our numerous locations allow us to distribute nationwide, with prompt and accurate shipping to anywhere in the USA.

    A warning has been issued to those that have acquired Lovex propellant not canisterized in Shooters World Powders containers. We cannot guarantee the safety, what the physical propellant is, nor can we assure that published load data will work. These propellants may have been tampered with, blended, repackaged, or exposed to high amounts of moisture and can be a hazard.
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