Smokeless Powder

Shooters World provides wholesale ammunition, smokeless powder, gunpowder, and other ammunition components to FFL Class 6 ammunition loaders.

Shooters World is dedicated to providing ammunition components, supportive assistance and technical support to FFL Class 6 ammunition loaders. We specialize in smokeless powder, primers and projectiles—importing from reputable sources to keep a consistent supply of quality materials for our clients. We are members of the National Shooting Sports Foundation and the National Defense Industry Association.

Our Mission

Shooters World mission is to distribute a consistent supply of high quality propellant to ammunition manufacturers, reloaders and competitive shooters. To support fellow shooters by ensuring safety, consistency, and economical value. In addition, we support all of our customers with technical support, shipping and logistics management. From shooters for shooters.

What We Do:

Import Materials for use in ammunition manufacturing

Ballistic testing per SAAMI protocol

Technical services supplied to all customers

Associations and Reference Data:

National Sport Shooting Association


Our Team

We understand shooters.

Shooters World LLC was founded in 2012 by Karen and Ned Gerard. They, along with Ken Johnson, are international shooters and competed in the Olympic Games, World Championships, Pan American Games, and US and Caribbean Championships. They understand and support shooters from the perspectives of law enforcement, Department of Defense, sport shooters, and casual civilians.

Karen Gerard

Managing Partner, CFO

Karen has over 20 years of international import/export experience. Having formed her own multi-million dollar import/export businesses, she operates within and understands international business and movement of goods around the world.

Ned Gerard


Ned supports Karen in the international commerce responsibilities of Shooters World and brings valuable insight into the transportation and logistics of goods across country lines.

Liliya Didok

Director of Operations

Blake Williams

Business Development Manager
Assistant Technical Ballistician

James Amberg

Competitive Shooter/Sales Associate

Ken Johnson

Managing Partner, Ballistics

Ken worked in research and development, marketing and technical services at St. Marks Powder for 13 years, where he designed and manufactured new propellants for small caliber ammunition. While in technical services, he diagnosed and assisted loaders with internal and external ballistic and manufacturing issues. He is experienced in military, foreign and commercial contracting. Before St. Marks Powder, he was enlisted as an International Rifle Shooter and Instructor for the U.S. Army Marksmanship Unit, where he spent a great deal of time practicing the art and science of precision loading and shooting.

Kevin Tapia


Tommy Tipton


Rear Admiral Stephen Turcotte

USN Ret.
Military Consultant

Joe Holombo

Warehouse Manager


  • Registered Importer – ATF
  • Class 08 Importer – ATF
  • Class 01 – ATF
  • Class 24 Explosives Importers – ATF


With a 1.3 HAZMAT certification for explosive materials and exclusive access to a national trucking company, we pride ourselves on our ability and speed in transporting smokeless powders across the United States. Shooters World works together with the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives importation branch, overland 1.3C qualified transporters, international shippers, and on-shore 1.3C warehouses.

When it comes to getting you what you need, when you need it, we don’t make promises we can’t keep.

Our Facility

Looking upon the Smokey and Blue Ridge Mountains, our growing facility provides for all the needs of our customers. Smokeless powder and inert magazines, ballistic testing facilities, packaging operations, administrative offices, and a long-range shooting area.  We welcome our customers to utilize our testing facilities to optimize their products.