See what industry professionals are saying…


“Very consistent, accurate, temperature tolerant and cleanest powder I have ever used.”
– Kevin Tapia | Avid competition shooter (Pistol, Rifle, Shotgun)


“Thanks Shooters World for Clean Shot- some of the best powder we have ever used and now sold in our bullets by Scarlett”
– Tommy Gun Tipton | Cowboy Action shooter


“Most consistent performing and versatile powder available.”
– Chad Drewery | Professional 3Gunner


“Thanks Shooters Word for keeping the Cowboys shooting, so glad we found CLEAN SHOT”
– Scarlett Darlin | Cowboy Action Shooter

A warning has been issued to those that have acquired Lovex propellant not canisterized in Shooters World Powders containers. We cannot guarantee the safety, what the physical propellant is, nor can we assure that published load data will work. These propellants may have been tampered with, blended, repackaged, or exposed to high amounts of moisture and can be a hazard.
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